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Center offers COVID-19 business recovery counseling

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ROCKY MOUNT — Many small businesses in Nash County are struggling with questions about the survival and health of their businesses during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The Small Business Wellness Clinic, hosted by the Small Business Center at Nash Community College, will help small businesses affected by COVID-19 assess business issues and develop a plan to address them.

The plan will include one-on-one counseling services with an industry expert to assist with navigating next steps in business recovery. Counselors will discuss aspects of clients’ businesses including financial matters, creating a new marketing plan, restoring operation under the “new norm” or organizing businesses’ plan for recovery. The clinic will provide resources to evaluate the health of the small business, connect the business with available resources and help to make progress through long-term recovery.

Potential clients must request counseling and make an appointment in order to receive a phone-based, on-site, in office or video-call consultation. Services will be available for Hispanic/Latino community members in their native language.

This clinic is funded by a $50,000 grant from the 2020 COVID-19 Recovery Act to provide counseling to small business owners during the coronavirus pandemic.

The clinic will operate on a schedule that will allow for a minimum of three appointments per client — an initial appointment, a meeting with a specialist and a follow-up appointment.

This clinic is available to current and new clients of the Small Business Center at Nash Community College. The Small Business Wellness Clinic will be available until Dec. 1. Request counseling services at www.nashcc.edu/sbc.