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Weigh Trump’s results, not the distractions

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Say it all together, “President Trump stretches the truth just like President Obama does.” “President Trump was a womanizer just like Presidents Clinton and Kennedy.”

Let’s not get bogged down in whose sins were worse or more egregious. The fact remains that no president can really cast the first stone and neither should his supporters or detractors.

Results are what counts. President Obama’s economy never saw more than 3 percent growth in any year of his two terms. President Trump has delivered over 4 percent growth. Which has benefited the country more? Are millions of people fully employed better than those same folks on welfare or other social programs? Are the lower tax bills for working-class Americans better for the country than Nancy Pelosi’s promise to raise taxes again? Is increased American prestige abroad better for national security than the exponential growth of ISIS we experienced under President Obama when jihadists felt they had free rein to do as they wished?

Contemplate these and other issues when deciding how to vote in the upcoming midterms. Personal animosity toward someone whose connection to any of us is anything but personal should not drive how you vote. Use logic, reason and critical thinking to determine how you vote. If the House and Senate become Democratic, the present economic growth and increased national security will come to a screeching halt as Maxine Waters will get her wish to, “Impeach. Impeach. Impeach.” and that should give us all pause.

Tom Haitema