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Time to let Cockrell take the helm

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With the departure of Shelton Jefferies from the superintendent’s position, the Nash-Rocky Mount school board now faces the daunting task of locating a qualified new leader who fits in with our communities.

While I understand the desire to be as big as Wake County and do a nationwide search for another leader, we are not Wake County — nor do we really care to have another outsider who simply is not invested in both our students and our communities.

Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools has a strong pool of qualified candidates right here within the system’s own ranks — a pool led by a man who has seen success both as an educator and an administrator.

Mark Cockrell knows what it means to be All-In. He was so taken with the Southern Nash football team’s motto when he was the principal at the school that he made it the school’s new motto to serve right beside Strength Through Unity.

Mark Cockrell embodies All-In. He knows how to put our students, our future leaders at the top of his priority list without having any ulterior motives or self-serving agendas. He was raised locally and is 100% personally invested in our area — to put it in simple terms, he is the right man for the job.

Southern Nash football coach Brian Foster defines All-In as: “We don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. We don’t talk about what anyone else is doing. We focus only on Southern Nash.” Mark Cockrell took that school-wide and improved Southern Nash across the board — imagine if he could do that system-wide.

Our school system could once again be the model system for other counties to follow. Our teachers’ morale would improve, our students’ scores would improve, our budgets would be balanced. That is what Mark Cockrell is capable of doing, and he has been overlooked long enough.

Enough is enough, folks. We don’t care what another school system is doing. We don’t worry about what another school system is doing and we don’t talk about what another school system is doing. We worry about NRMPS, we care about NRMPS, we talk about NRMPS and we make NRMPS the envy of public education across North Carolina, the region and the country.

It is time to take All-In system-wide, and the man to do it is already in our ranks and well qualified for the task. It is time for the board to let Mark Cockrell captain this ship through the rough waters ahead.

The Southern Nash News is 100% All-In behind Mark Cockrell, a proven leader at NRMPS to be the next superintendent of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools.

Mark Cone is owner and operator of SouthernNashNews.com.