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Support Farmer-Butterfield to build Wilson County’s future

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Wilson County hit the jackpot in the redistricting process for the 2018 elections. Now we have Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and all her energy, attention, effort and most of all, her experience and impressive legislative status all to ourselves. That makes Wilson County fortunate indeed!

Farmer-Butterfield has been a champion in the General Assembly for issues that critically affect the quality of our lives. Jobs, education and health care are the cornerstones of her legislative record. She has worked diligently sponsoring bills, working on committees and advocating for things that will make our citizens healthier and happier so that we all can be more responsible and able to contribute more to our communities.

Her legislative record speaks for itself and speaks for all of us. Her strong support for public education if realized will be a benefit to everyone. A better educated populace lays the foundation for a more competitive and productive work force. If her push to expand Medicaid should ever become a reality, our citizens will be healthier and more able to contribute to community life and the economy.

If her efforts to continue bringing and keeping jobs here in Wilson County are successful, as they were when she fought to keep Bridgestone-Firestone and the Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf here, then our county will grow and become more prosperous. Certainly, that will benefit every citizen.

Her support for programs for the elderly, disabled, addicted and diverse can only enhance their lives and thus all our lives as we learn to live in and appreciate rich, heterogeneous and intergenerational communities. Her support of small business can only serve to open opportunities for entrepreneurial enterprise and pave the way keeping and providing more jobs and services in Wilson County.

Farmer-Butterfield’s belief and the belief of those of us who support her is that if we enhance and improve the opportunities for one, we do it for all. If we are to maintain our republic and live by democracy, it is our charge to care for our fellow citizens, since the quality of each life will be profoundly affected by the quality of life for those with the greatest needs.

So, in November, cast a vote for a representative of the people who has the compassion, insight, experience, know-how and courage to do what needs to be done. Vote for Jean Farmer-Butterfield. And then when she is elected, let’s all roll up our sleeves and get to work, helping and supporting her in her continuing efforts to make Wilson County all that it can be. She certainly can’t do it alone.

Nancy N. Hawley