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Simple improvements would benefit Lake Wilson Park

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Re: “Encourage dog-walkers to clean up after their pets,” by Mike Radford, Sept. 5:

The recent letter regarding suggested improvements for dog walkers using Lake Wilson’s trail is an excellent idea. My wife and I also enjoy walking the new trail and have seen a significant increase in the amount of people utilizing all of Lake Wilson for various activities. I would like to suggest a few more simple improvements to allow everyone to have a good experience while visiting the lake.

First, complete the signage at the entrance to the lake so anyone visiting the area knows they have arrived at their destination.

Second, regularly maintain the trail’s overgrowth of shrubs and over- hanging limbs along the western shore. Currently it is not truly a two-way trail, especially for bike traffic.

Third, properly erect the wood duck boxes along the north shore or maybe even relocate them to the back of the lake. If properly erected, wood ducks might actually utilize them next spring, which would be a wonderful thing to observe.

And lastly, construct restroom facilities at the boat ramp similar to Buckhorn and Toisnot Reservoir. Since these recreation areas have one, Lake Wilson certainly needs one as well. While the restrooms might take 6-12 months to complete, the first three items can easily be done in very short order.

Utilizing the lake to it fullest has been a long time coming and our citizens as well as any visitors deserve the best experience we can offer.

David Howell