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Replace Butterfield with Allison to secure our borders

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Who is Mollie Tibbets? Mollie was a 20-year-old college student who was murdered while jogging in August. Other than it being a capital crime, what else is significant about Mollie’s death? She was murdered by an illegal immigrant. Someone who was not supposed to be here. Someone who broke the law by being here. Someone not even screened for tuberculosis or other communicable diseases. Someone who appeared to use fraudulent credentials. Someone our government should be protecting us from but is not.

The modern-day Democratic Party has missed the mark and is going further and further to the left politically. It’s now the party of open borders, Immigration and Customs Enforcement is bad and needs to be abolished, the party of dangerous drugs pouring across the border. It is the party of “anchor babies” where a baby born of a lawbreaker becomes an American citizen. What craziness. The Democrats are now the party of chaos and obstructionism.

We, the “super-elites,” are tired of inaction at the border. We are tired of people who do not follow the law and invade this country. We have been losing our borders, language and culture and when you lose all three, you are no longer a country. We are tired of drugs coming across the border by the ton. They transit North Carolina highways and are in our cities. We want a secure border. We want the wall. Walls work. Trust me, build the wall and you will see a dramatic decrease of illegal aliens and drugs.

If all of this makes sense to you, then you only have one choice in this November’s 1st Congressional District race, and that is to vote for Roger Allison.

G.K. Butterfield is an anachronism, an obstructionist and career politician. He has been in office 14 years and now it is time to send him into retirement.

North Carolina’s 1st District needs new leadership. We need to pass comprehensive immigration reform now. This country is way too great to allow hordes of invaders to destroy it. Legal immigration, yes; illegal immigration, no.

Mollie Tibbets died on G.K. Butterfield’s watch. Time for him to go.

Jeff Derry