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Miniature food pantry helps families meet everyday needs

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My name is Luke Tingler, I am 12 years old, I am homeschooled and I attend church at Gibson Memorial United Methodist Church in Spring Hope.

For our confirmation at church, we have to do a community service project. I researched and chose to do a Little Free Food Pantry. The website to read about these pantries is www.littlefreepantry.org/. I chose this as my community service project because I feel strongly about everyone having access to food and no one should go hungry.

The LFP is most often used for those who are not able to meet everyday food needs. The LFP is small and is not meant to replace large food pantries. Many large food pantries require applications and have set hours that working-class people are not able to meet in order to apply for assistance. The LFP requires no application and does not have set hours. Anyone can access the LFP at any time. No one has to be embarrassed by going and requesting food — people can discreetly use the LFP.

The LFP is stocked by anyone who wishes to contribute. The sign across the top explains it best: “Take what you need and give what you can.”

I would like to thank my family along with my church family for making this idea come to life. I am anxious to see how it helps the members of my community.

Thank you for helping me spread the word about the LFP in Spring Hope.

Luke Tingler

Spring Hope