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Peachtree News: Lessons on forgiveness, deception and sowing the Word

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The Peachtree Baptist Church congregation and friends met last Sunday, bringing to an end a very busy week.

The sanctuary flower arrangement Sunday was presented to glorify God by Susan and Lawrence Edwards in loving memory of Karen Edwards, Tom and Thomas Moorefield.


Jerry Hobgood welcomed the Sunday school gathering. He led the gathering in the song, “Praise Him! Praise Him!” accompanied by Jane May on the piano.

Jerry then read, “Forgive Yourself,” by Anne Graham Lotz.

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” —1 John 1: 9

“When I’ve been tormented by guilt, I’ve found that I have to talk to God about the reasons for it. I have to get to the bottom of my feelings by confessing my sins specifically by name. I confess my failures and mistakes to Him.

“Ask God to forgive you. He promises He will. Then you must — it’s not an option, you must —forgive yourself.

“If God says He forgives you, who are you to say, ‘God, thank You for forgiving me, but I just can’t forgive myself’? Are you greater than God? Are you more righteous than He is? Are your standards higher than His?

“ If He says He forgives us, then you and I have no option but to respond by simply saying, ‘Thank You. I don’t deserve Your forgiveness, but I accept it. I will forgive myself — for Your sake.”


Lawrence Edwards led the Sunday school Bible study, “When False Religions Deceive. Truth is Grounded in the Reality of Who Jesus Christ Is,” from 1 John 2:18:29.

“One person can twist the facts, express his views as factual and present it in a way that seems legitimate. A prime example is fake information on Facebook. A religious leader can sound equally convincing. His doctrine may carry an air of legitimacy and even contain elements of truth, but if it is not grounded in Scripture, it’s fake. And people will flock to such religious teaching if it appeals to what they want to believe. It doesn’t matter how many people believe it, if a religion is not grounded on the truth of God’s Word and the reality of Jesus Christ it’s false —and dangerous.”

In the above verses, John warns, “this is the last hour or the last days. This reference refers to the time between the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ — the beginning point of salvation — and that moment when He returns and brings the culmination of that salvation.

In the last days also comes the “antichrist.” “Antichrist” can be one person or multiple people. These verses focus on these people and false teachings.

Bible Verse of the Month: Philippians 3:10-11

Special music was provided by Jane May on the piano.

Special music, “I’ve Been To Calvary,” was provided by the Peachtree Adult Choir led by Pastor Gene Whitehouse.


Sermon: “Jesus Needs Full Management,” from Mark 4:1-20.

Pastor Whitehouse began by reading, “Jesus Teaches the Parable of the Sower.”

As the story opens, Jesus will teach a crowd by using a parable.

“He begins to teach again by the sea. And such a very large crowd gathered to Him that He got into a boat in the sea and sat down; and the whole crowd was by the sea on land.”

He was teaching them many things in parables. One of these was the Parable of the Sower. As the people came and asked Jesus questions, He was not necessarily giving them answers, but giving another question. He wanted people to think. He did not want to give out truth in such a way that people could be mental dwarfs. He wanted them to wake up and listen!

Jesus begins in Mark 4:3, “Listen to this! Behold… Listen! Look! I want you to wake up!”

“…the sower went out to sow;” Jesus went on to tell about the sower and his seeds.

Jesus used this parable to let the people and us know we are the soil and that there is no way, apart from the work of the Farmer, or the person of Christ, that we will ever become good, fertile soil.

Jesus goes on to explain, “The sower sows the word.” We all need to be sowers of God’s Word.


• Sunday, March 3 — Church conference following worship, noon

• Tuesday, March 5 — Baptist Women’s meeting and book study, 10 a.m.

• Wednesday, March 6 — Evening book study group, 7 p.m.

• Friday, March 15 — Church-wide St. Patrick’s Day dinner and fellowship, 5 p.m.

• Tuesday, March 19 — Church Council meeting, 7 p.m.

• Thursday, March 21 — Men’s ministry, 6:30 p.m.


What a week Peachtree members have had.

Our February “Ladies Night” dinner and fellowship was a tremendous success. Around 110 people from about 10 churches attended. Thank you for supporting this growing and vital ministry of Peachtree Baptist Church. Peachtree men went all out with cooking and serving the food of prime rib, salad, sweet potatoes, rolls and drinks. The ladies provide the desserts. Musical entertainment and devotion was provided by Amy Kornagey and her family.

There was a group from Peachtree’s Median and Senior Sunday school classes that attended the Kingdom Heirs concert at Red Oak Baptist Church Saturday night.

After Sunday worship, Peachtree members enjoyed Sunday lunch in the fellowship hall.

There was a group from Peachtree’s Median Sunday school class that attended the Powell Family Concert at Floods Chapel Sunday night.


The entire Peachtree Baptist Church Family expresses heartfelt, deep sympathy to the family and friends of Della Elizabeth Pridgen Young, Sept. 12, 1931 — Feb. 24, 2019.


Those friends and family members who are sick or taking treatments who need our prayers:

• My father, Jake Robertson, is in Durham Regional Hospital in serious condition. Please pray for him.

• Lawrence Edwards, Fran Bunn, Jean Bunn, Billy Bunn, Norman Whitley, Ronnie Matthews, Janice and Bobby Sykes, Mary Alice Davis, unspoken requests, Dallas Matthews,, Krissy Anderson, Gene Braswell, Diane Denton, Trish Bunn, Art Munoz, Brenda Joyner, Art Vick, Renee Jones, Roger Brooks, Jean Womble and Jack Harris.

• Birthday blessings to Amy Sykes and Scotty Edwards (Feb. 26).

If you have news, please call or email me. I do prefer an email. My phone number is 252-478-2846. My email address is mfpbun@aol.com.

“There are many ways to be led astray these days. There always have been. But the Truth remains the same- and His name is Jesus.”

Fran Bunn is a member of Peachtree Baptist Church.