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Cone to live-stream Firebird football

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Southern Nash High School’s varsity football games will be streamed live this year each Friday night. The program’s producer, Mark Cone of Cone Media Group, explained what all of the buzz is about.

“There are lot’s of moving parts that made it happen,” Cone said from his Spring Hope office. “A whole lot had to fall into place at the right time.”

One of those things was a recent partnership of sorts with The Wilson Times when Cone sold his Zebulon newspaper to the neighboring publication and the two merged the print edition of The Southern Nash News into The Enterprise, the company’s own print edition in southern Nash County.

“The merger with Wilson was the moment when I knew we could actually do it,” Cone said. “Until then I was working over 110 hours and was a walking zombie. Handing the print responsibilities to Corey and the folks at Wilson gave me the time and energy I needed to work on this project and still write articles for the print world. That paper has gotten stronger, and now we have a broadcast option on our end of the county as well.”

Cone points out his goal is not just to stream sports, but to bring local flavor to his company’s channel as well.

“Southern Nash County has so much to offer, why not showcase it?” Cone said. “Our end of the county is getting ready to explode in population the same way Zebulon already has. With a strong print edition and an equally strong multi-media presence, folks looking for a place to put a home or business will have a way to know about our area and that is important.”

While the stream is available on multiple sources, Cone says the best way to view it in the beginning is directly on The Southern Nash News YouTube channel.

“We plan to have all of our streams go to various social media outlets, the Southern Nash Athletics site, the Southern Nash News site, Roku on a smart TV, and possibly a few other sites that we have not confirmed yet,” Cone said. “The content will remain on YouTube and Roku for viewing at any time on demand. For now, the best way to catch a game outside of being in Firebird Stadium is to go to YouTube and subscribe to The Southern Nash News channel. That way, you will always know when something good is coming on video.”

The streams are made possible by a number of sponsors, but Cone is still hoping to do some of the less-attended sports. “We are still hoping to do volleyball, and some of the bigger winter and spring sports are coming too.”

The first game of the season, the Aaron Scott Keen Memorial Foundation game is 7 p.m. this Friday against Warren County, a former conference foe.