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5 Middlesex candidates seek 3 seats

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MIDDLESEX — Five retirees are competing for three available seats on the Middlesex Board of Commissioners in November’s municipal election.

Commissioners Cherrye High Davis, Danny Alford and J.W. McClenny face newcomers William Ward and Brenda West.

Davis, a retired educator and librarian, said she’s running again because Middlesex is a great place to live and she wants to do something to contribute.

“I’d like to see more businesses in town,” Davis said. She’s a lifelong resident who said Middlesex is a nice place to call home.

Davis is a widow with one child.

Alford, a retired local business owner, said he’s running again to continue the progress made by the current board.

“We need more land to put houses on,” Alford said. He grew up in Middlesex and likes that most everyone knows everyone else.

Alford is married with two children and three grandchildren.

McClenny, a retired computer hardware repairman, said he’s running again to help make the town better by completing projects the board began.

“I’d like to see the shell building full,” McClenny said. He moved to Middlesex 50 years ago with his wife and said he loves the town’s central location.

McClenny is married with one child and two grandchildren.

Ward, a retired truck driver, said he’s running to see what’s going on and find out how he can help.

“I’d like to see the water bills go down,” Ward said. He said he likes how quiet Middlesex can be sometimes.

Ward is married with three children, nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

West, a retired physical therapist, said she’s running because Middlesex is an amazing town and she wants to be involved.

“We weren’t born here; we chose Middlesex,” West said of her and her husband, who retired from the military. “I love the community. They took us in like family.”

West is married with two children and one grandchild.